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How to Save Money on Expenses Not Covered by Medicare With the Medicare Plus Card!

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What is the Medicare Plus Card?

The only discount card made for those on Medicare, that also allows you to even get a free list of Medicare quotes from all major insurance carriers. The card can be used at most major pharmacies to save money on prescriptions, similar to GoodRx, Blink Health, or other services that help you save money on prescriptions. You can also use it to save money on dental, vision, and hearing care!


Benefits of the Medicare Plus Card

The Medicare Plus Card can be used by anyone who is on Medicare, regardless if they have existing insurance or not, similar to the service that helps you save money on doctor’s visits, Sesame Care. Those with an existing Medicare insurance plan can still save on drugs and services using their Medicare Plus Card. The Medicare Plus Card is accepted at the major retailers: Walmart, Costco, Krogers, CVS, Publix, Safeway, Albertson’s, Kmart, and Rite Aid. The card is entirely free to sign up for and use. There are over 1 million people that have already received their free Medicare Plus Card. Start Saving Up to 75% OFF on healthcare services NOT covered by Medicare!

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Sign up for the Medicare Plus Card for FREE!

After you first sign up for the card, you instantly get a downloadable version of the card that you can use until your free physical card comes in the mail. You can use the downloadable version of the card to get your savings on prescriptions or doctor’s visits until you get your physical card.

Registering for your Medicare Plus card is free and easy on their website.

Potential Savings for items not covered by Medicare using the Medicare Plus Card!

Prescriptions – Save Up To 65%

  • Save on brand name & generic drugs with our pre-negotiated discounts.
  • One card covers all family members living at the same address.

Dental Care – Save Up To 50%

  • Convenient access to over 80,000 credentialed dentists nationwide.
  • Unlimited visits to the member’s chosen provider.

Vision Care – Save Up To 50%

  • Savings on Vision Correction such Lasik and PRK.
  • Savings on Eye Exams where approved.
  • Save on Contact Lenses.

Hearing Care – Save Up To 15%

  • Personalized hearing health assessment lifestyle consultations.
  • Visual ear examinations using a video otoscope.

All-in-all, this amazing card covers 80,000 dentists, 59,000 pharmacies 10,000 vision centers, and 1,500 hearing centers. You can use the numbers on the Medicare Plus Card’s website to locate health practitioners in your area. You can also use the card to get excellent savings on glasses, hearing aids, and more!


The Medicare Plus Card also offers members savings on everyday items and expenses, like travel, restaurants, retail stores, and groceries.

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