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Aspiration – The Environmentally Sustainable Bank!

What is Aspiration? Aspiration is an online bank that that provides many of the usual products provided by banks like checking accounts, savings accounts, investment, and credit cards. They are also a bank that focuses very, very, heavily on saving the planet with the way they do business. Whenever you spend money with Aspiration you […]

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Chime – First Bank To Pay You 2 Days Ahead Of Payday!

What is Chime? Chime is an online bank like Sofi or Ally. They are an online bank that provides checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards for its customers. It was founded on the premise that basic banking services should be helpful, easy, and free. That’s why their model doesn’t rely on an overdraft, monthly […]

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How To Save and Invest with Qapital!

What is Qapital? Qapital is a budgeting app similar in nature to the Digit app that I’ve talked about previously. The Qapital app allows you to budget your money by connecting your bank accounts to it and setting up savings or investment goals in the app. After setting up your own specific goals the app […]

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How To Save And Invest Your Money With Digit!

What is Digit? Digit is a new budgeting and investment app available on both the App and Google Play stores. It allows you to create unlimited savings goals that are like Sofi’s “vaults”. It can help prevent you from getting hit by overdraft fees from your bank by instantly transferring savings over to your bank […]

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Sofi Money and Invest – Banking and Investing for FREE!

What is Sofi? Sofi is an online bank that is very oriented towards the social and financial well-being of its customers. They started off as a lending institution that was mainly focused on student loans to help students getting the best rates they could if they were going to get loans for their higher education. […]

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Greenlight Debit Card – # 1 Best Banking and Investing App to Teach Your Kids Finances!

Video from Greenlight’s Vimeo channel What is Greenlight Debit Card? Greenlight Debit Card is the best banking and investing app to teach your kids finances! Greenlight is a debit card for kids, managed by parents. But it’s so much more than that. Their tools give parents superpowers, with more flexible controls than any other debit […]

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