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Truebill – How To Manage And Cancel Bills!

What is Truebill? Truebill is a budgeting app, similar to the free Mint budgeting app, that allows you to plan a budget, track your bills, and help you manage your subscriptions and bills. Truebill can help people make money by helping them cancel unwanted subscriptions, help you lower your fees, and get you refunds on […]

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How To Make A Budget And Save With Personal Capital!

What is Personal Capital? Personal Capital is an app similar to the Mint.com app that allows you to do things like setting up a budget for yourself and track your expenses and investments. Other than the budgeting and expense tracking tools that Personal Capital offers they also provide their own checking account that you can […]

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How To Save and Invest with Qapital!

What is Qapital? Qapital is a budgeting app similar in nature to the Digit app that I’ve talked about previously. The Qapital app allows you to budget your money by connecting your bank accounts to it and setting up savings or investment goals in the app. After setting up your own specific goals the app […]

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How To Save And Invest Your Money With Digit!

What is Digit? Digit is a new budgeting and investment app available on both the App and Google Play stores. It allows you to create unlimited savings goals that are like Sofi’s “vaults”. It can help prevent you from getting hit by overdraft fees from your bank by instantly transferring savings over to your bank […]

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How To Track Your Crypto Accounts With Mint.com!

What is Mint.com? Mint.com is a free service from the company known as Intuit that also offers other financial tools like TurboTax and others. Mint is a service that can be used to set up your own budget, check your credit score for free, get bill reminders, and more! It allows you to keep track […]

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Mint.com – Best Free Budgeting App

What is Mint.com? Mint.com is a free service offered by the well-known company known, Intuit, the one known for providing the service, Turbotax, as well as few other financial products. It is an all-encompassing online service for tracking all of your finances. It allows you to keep track of your bank accounts, investment accounts, all […]

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