Mudflap App – Save Up To 50 Cents Per Gallon on Diesel Fuel!

What is the Mudflap App? Mudflap is a relatively new cashback app, similar to the GetUpside app that gets you cash back on gas, that allows anyone to save a bunch of money when purchasing diesel fuel. I have written about a couple of other programs like the “My Diesel Fuel Savings Program“, “TSD Fuel […]

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How To Save Money On Diesel Fuel With My Diesel Savings Program!

What is My Diesel Savings Program? My Diesel Savings Program is a diesel fuel savings program similar to the TSD Fuel Savings Program that allows fleet vehicles as well as regular individuals to save money on diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is typically the most expensive type of fuel that you can buy in a gas […]

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TSD Fuel Savings Program – How to Save Money on Diesel Fuel for Semi-trucks, Pickups, and RVers!

Save money on diesel fuel with the TSD Fuel Savings Program! In recent times, as of 06/2021, much of the country and the whole world is experiencing significant inflation due to the pandemic shutdowns that occurred worldwide. This has led to the increase in prices of most goods and services, which includes one of the […]

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How to use Checkout 51 to Get and Save Money on Groceries, Gas, and Prescriptions!

What is Checkout 51? Although Ibotta is my personal favorite cashback app. it is far from the only app that can be used for cashback on groceries. Another good one is Checkout 51. This app is very similar to Ibotta in that you make your regular purchases for groceries or gas and then take a […]

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How to Use the GetUpside App to Get Cashback on Gas, Restaurants, and Groceries!

What is GetUpside? Recently, gas was another category that was added to the list of items that third-party cashback apps could be used to get your money back. Rewards programs that were offered directly by the gas stations have been something that could be used to get cashback from the specific gas station franchises have […]

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