How to use Checkout 51 to Get and Save Money on Groceries, Gas, and Prescriptions! - 1

How to use Checkout 51 to Get and Save Money on Groceries, Gas, and Prescriptions!

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What is Checkout 51?

Although Ibotta is my personal favorite cashback app. it is far from the only app that can be used for cashback on groceries. Another good one is Checkout 51. This app is very similar to Ibotta in that you make your regular purchases for groceries or gas and then take a picture of the receipt to earn cashback. You can also use it for some online purchases done through the app. The products that you can earn cashback on are items that might make for somewhat rare and obscure purchases, like non-prescription medicines, things like duct tape, or even pet medicine. But, it’s still useful and might be able to be used for anything not on Ibotta at the time.

checkout 51

While the cashback items are somewhat more obscure and not as varied as the ones on Ibotta it also offers these offers at retail stores that are also somewhat less known along with several of the usual big box stores. Some examples would be Albertson’s, Food Giant, Commissary, and Save-A-Lot Food Stores.

Using the Checkout 51 app!

checkout 51 2
Using the Checkout51 app to find the offers you want to redeem for cashback

checkout 51 3
Claim the Checkout51 offer by pressing the plus button next to them

checkout 51 4
Instructions for taking a picture of the receipt with the item you’re going to redeem the cashback on.

checkout 51 5
Using the Checkout51 app to take the picture of the app

Checkout 51 Gas Cashback!

Similar to the GetUpside app I have also written about on this blog, Checkout51 also has a cashback feature for gas. Using these types of apps in tandem can really juice up your savings.

checkout 51 6

checkout 51 7
Using the Gas section of the Checkout51 app to find cashback available cashback offers from gas stations in your area.

Checkout 51 Online Shopping Offers

The online cashback feature from Checkout 51 covers a few different stores that change over time and offer you a certain percentage of cashback when you shop through the app. Make sure to check what the offer covers because the advertised offer might only apply to one category of purchases and they will have a different amount for others.

checkout 51 8
Using the Checkout51 app to find cashback offers from shopping on your favorite stores online. NOTE: THE OFFERS LISTED ON THE ONLINE OFFERS MIGHT APPLY TO ONLY CERTAIN CATEGORIES OF PRODUCTS.

Checkout 51 Surveys

Checkout 51 also has this feature that allows you to take surveys for a certain amount of cashback. They don’t offer a lot of money. I’ve been seeing surveys offering 20-50 something cents in my case. But, it’s free money for very little work.

checkout 51 9
Using the survey section of the app in order to make a little extra cash with not that much work.

Cashing Out

Once your redeemed cashback reaches $20 you can then use the “Cash Out” option in your profile and Checkout51 will mail a check to you or send the money to your linked Paypal account.

Checkout51 Prescription Savings Card!

Lastly, similar to the app GoodRx that I have also written about, Checkout51 offers a type of prescription savings card service for people to save on their prescription costs. The app shows the card at the top of the page that you can click to enlarge. Below the card are instructions on how to use it to get savings. The prescription service offered by Checkout51 covers over 50,000 medications at Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Walmart, Rite Aid, Duane Read, and more. Here is the list of all the pharmacies it covers.

checkout 51 10

checkout 51 11
Just press on the prescription savings card at the top to enlarge it and show it to your pharmacy for savings.

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