Sesame Care How To Save Money on Doctor’s Visits And Prescriptions!

What is Sesame Care? Sesame Care is a relatively new service that can allow people to save a ton of money on doctor’s visits and prescriptions. The services that Sesame Care offers are similar to those offered by GoodRx or Blink Health. Sesame Care allows you to book doctor’s appointments in-person or online for consultations […]

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Sidecar Health Insurance – The #1 Best Health Insurance For the Self-Employed and Part-Time Worker!

What is Sidecar Health Insurance? Video from Sidecar Health YouTube channel Sidecar Health Insurance is a new health insurance program manager. This means that they partner with multiple health insurance companies to help underwrite their policies. Sidecar Health pays fixed amounts for every medically necessary service, procedure, and drug except for maternity. Sidecar Health Insurance […]

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Blink Health – How to Save Money on Prescriptions and Get Them Delivered for FREE!

Video from the Blink Health YouTube channel What is Blink Health? Blink Health is a drug coupon service that can allow you to save up to 80% of your prescription costs much like the app, GoodRx. You could help a family member or friend save on their prescriptions. Give your friends $15 to try Blink […]

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How To Save a Bunch of Money On Prescriptions and Doctor’s Visits with GoodRx!

What is GoodRx? With GoodRx you can search for just about any prescription drug and use the coupons on GoodRx to buy them at up to 80% off, The app features a search function for specific drugs and general searches based on specific health conditions. The types of prescription drugs you can save on even […]

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How to use Checkout 51 to Get and Save Money on Groceries, Gas, and Prescriptions!

What is Checkout 51? Although Ibotta is my personal favorite cashback app. it is far from the only app that can be used for cashback on groceries. Another good one is Checkout 51. This app is very similar to Ibotta in that you make your regular purchases for groceries or gas and then take a […]

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How to Save Money on Expenses Not Covered by Medicare With the Medicare Plus Card!

What is the Medicare Plus Card? The only discount card made for those on Medicare, that also allows you to even get a free list of Medicare quotes from all major insurance carriers. The card can be used at most major pharmacies to save money on prescriptions, similar to GoodRx, Blink Health, or other services […]

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