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Sesame Care How To Save Money on Doctor’s Visits And Prescriptions!


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What is Sesame Care?

Sesame Care is a relatively new service that can allow people to save a ton of money on doctor’s visits and prescriptions. The services that Sesame Care offers are similar to those offered by GoodRx or Blink Health. Sesame Care allows you to book doctor’s appointments in-person or online for consultations and help with getting prescriptions. When you book an appointment or get a prescription through Sesame Care you pay one clear price for your visit with no hidden costs. That way, you can stop worrying about bills and start worrying about feeling better! Similar to Blink Health, Sesame care offers most prescriptions bought through them for as low as $5, and be delivered to your home for free!

The range of services that you can save money on through Sesame Care include:

  • Urgent care for asthma, ear infections, fever, and more!
  • Prescription refills for blood pressure, thyroid, depression, and more!
  • Skin care appointment for consultations, diagnosis, and management for cold sores, dark spots, ezcema, and more!
  • Vaginal care treatments for vaginal irritations, change in discharge, and more!
  • Dental care for gum pain, inflammation, chipped teeth, and more!

Sesame saves you time and money on doctor visits, specialists, imaging, prescriptions, and more. You can use them to find top doctors near you for 40+ specialties and pay them directly to save up to 60% on prescription refills, skin consults, imaging, dentistry, therapy, and more. All of these services are offered whether or not you have any insurance of your own!

The range of specialties that you can go to a doctor for include:

  • Counseling & therapy
  • Dermatology
  • Family medicine
  • General doctor
  • Pediatrics
  • Primary care

Doctors on Sesame list their own prices, availability, and services without insurance mark-ups or surprise bills. By putting power back in the hands of patients and doctors, Sesame cuts out the middlemen that drive up costs to save you up to 60% on your care.

Sesame services are paid directly, separate from health insurance. If your insurance includes a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you can use your funds from these accounts to pay for care on Sesame. If your insurance includes out-of-network coverage and/or a deductible, you may be able to submit your receipt from Sesame for reimbursement. Note: Eligibility is determined by your insurance company and will vary depending on your plan.


How to set an appontment with Sesame Care!


Setting up an appointment with Sesame care is quite simple. You can look for healthcare providers based on your location, symptoms, or the doctor’s name. Then all you have to do is select the specific doctor you wish to see. This way, similar to the feature offered by Sidecar Health Insurance, you can price compare between different doctors in your area for the exact same service that you need and can choose the cheapest and best option for you!


After selecting your preferred doctor for the type of appointment that you want, you can check and see the time that they have available for you set an appointment. You can choose the specific date as well as the time that you want for your appointment as long it’s available. You can see a star rating for the doctor as well as what type or types of medicine they are licensed to practice as well as where they are able to do so.


After setting up the appointment all you have to do is enter your personal information, payment information, and specific details about the reason for your visit if you want. Then just finish paying online and you’re all set up for your appointment.

If you want to save even more money, Sesame Care offers a paid membership, similar to the GoodRx Gold Plan, that offers its members even more savings on the healthcare that you get through Sesame Care. You can get 25% off all primary care visits both virtual and in-person, 10% off 40+ specialties including therapists, dermatologists, and more, 5% off dental cleanings and visits, and1 free lab or blood test per year. It just costs $7/month to become a Sesame Care member and get these types of savings on your healthcare!

Unfortunately, Sesame Care isn’t available everywhere in the United States just yet. Here’s a list of states that Sesame Care is available in as of the time this blog post was written:


How to save money on prescriptions with SesameRx!

In order to save money on prescriptions with SesameRx, you need to book and complete a visit with a doctor, specialist, or provider who can write prescriptions through Sesame. Look for the “$5 med” tag on the provider card. Then, If your visit results in a prescription, Sesame Care will send you an email and text after to complete your purchase. Finally, Sesame Care will send your medication right to your door within 4 business days of shipping with the shipping being completely free.


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