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Sesame Care How To Save Money on Doctor’s Visits And Prescriptions!

What is Sesame Care? Sesame Care is a relatively new service that can allow people to save a ton of money on doctor’s visits and prescriptions. The services that Sesame Care offers are similar to those offered by GoodRx or Blink Health. Sesame Care allows you to book doctor’s appointments in-person or online for consultations […]

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Earn Unlimited 4% Cashback With The Slide Cashback App!

What is Slide? Slide is a new cashback app that you can use to purchase items by connecting a debit or credit card to it and buy electronic gift cards that earn 4% cashback for you whenever you use them. The Slide cashback app is similar in nature to the “Pay with Ibotta” feature of […]

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Mudflap App – Save Up To 50 Cents Per Gallon on Diesel Fuel!

What is the Mudflap App? Mudflap is a relatively new cashback app, similar to the GetUpside app that gets you cash back on gas, that allows anyone to save a bunch of money when purchasing diesel fuel. I have written about a couple of other programs like the “My Diesel Fuel Savings Program“, “TSD Fuel […]

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Ibotta – How To Get Groceries For Free!

What is Ibotta? Ibotta is a cashback app that allows you to earn cashback from your everyday purchases, from a wide variety of different stores like Walmart, Target, Dollar General, and more. The way Ibotta works is that whenever you shop in-store you take the receipt and take a picture of it to redeem whatever […]

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Shopkick – How To Get Cashback From Groceries!

What is Shopkick? Shopkick is an app that allows you to earn cashback from the groceries that you normally buy, similar to the Ibotta or Checkout51 cashback apps. There are actually four different ways that the Shopkick app allows you to earn cashback when grocery shopping. How to use the Shopkick app to earn cashback! […]

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How To Save Money On Diesel Fuel With My Diesel Savings Program!

What is My Diesel Savings Program? My Diesel Savings Program is a diesel fuel savings program similar to the TSD Fuel Savings Program that allows fleet vehicles as well as regular individuals to save money on diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is typically the most expensive type of fuel that you can buy in a gas […]

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TSD Fuel Savings Program – How to Save Money on Diesel Fuel for Semi-trucks, Pickups, and RVers!

Save money on diesel fuel with the TSD Fuel Savings Program! In recent times, as of 06/2021, much of the country and the whole world is experiencing significant inflation due to the pandemic shutdowns that occurred worldwide. This has led to the increase in prices of most goods and services, which includes one of the […]

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Blink Health – How to Save Money on Prescriptions and Get Them Delivered for FREE!

Video from the Blink Health YouTube channel What is Blink Health? Blink Health is a drug coupon service that can allow you to save up to 80% of your prescription costs much like the app, GoodRx. You could help a family member or friend save on their prescriptions. Give your friends $15 to try Blink […]

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Groupon – How to Both Save and Make Money!

What is Groupon? Groupon is a cash savings app and website that can allow you to save up to 70% on average and in some rare cases up to 90%, on many different products and services. Such products and services include things like restaurants, massages, golf, vacations, wine cookies, cell phones, and so many more. […]

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How To Save a Bunch of Money On Prescriptions and Doctor’s Visits with GoodRx!

What is GoodRx? With GoodRx you can search for just about any prescription drug and use the coupons on GoodRx to buy them at up to 80% off, The app features a search function for specific drugs and general searches based on specific health conditions. The types of prescription drugs you can save on even […]

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