Ad Inserter – How To Insert Ads When Your Plugin Doesn’t Work!

What is Ad Inserter? When it comes to monetizing your site/blog with ads different ad networks like Google Adsense, Ezoic,, and others typically have their own plugins or other tools that allow you to automatically place ads on your site in a relatively easy manner. However, for reasons that aren’t easy to understand sometimes […]

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How To Get Free Website Hosting With Ezoic!

What is Ezoic? Ezoic is an ad platform, like Google Adsense, that allows publishers to use their service to monetize their blog or website. They are technically not an ad network, a third party that outsources ads, a header bidder company, an ad exchange, an ad management service (although as a non-techy person they kind of […]

Spread the love – How To Monetize Your Site Without Ads or Affiliate Links!

Honorary Mention – This post is for Sebastian, my fellow blogger who was one of the first ones to follow this currently two-month-old blog, likes just about every one of my posts, and is an excellent fictional storyteller. What is video from’s Vimeo channel is a new way of monetizing your WordPress […]

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