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New Free Thanksgiving Deals From Ibotta! 2021

What is Ibotta? One of my favorite cashback services is Ibotta. It’s an app that allows you to earn cashback from your everyday purchases, from a wide variety of different stores like Walmart, Target, Dollar General, and more. The way Ibotta works is that whenever you shop in-store you take the receipt and take a picture of it […]

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Sidecar Health Insurance – The #1 Best Health Insurance For the Self-Employed and Part-Time Worker!

What is Sidecar Health Insurance? Video from Sidecar Health YouTube channel Sidecar Health Insurance is a new health insurance program manager. This means that they partner with multiple health insurance companies to help underwrite their policies. Sidecar Health pays fixed amounts for every medically necessary service, procedure, and drug except for maternity. Sidecar Health Insurance […]

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Groupon – How to Both Save and Make Money!

What is Groupon? Groupon is a cash savings app and website that can allow you to save up to 70% on average and in some rare cases up to 90%, on many different products and services. Such products and services include things like restaurants, massages, golf, vacations, wine cookies, cell phones, and so many more. […]

Spread the love – How To Find The Best Car Or Home Insurance!

What is Zebra? Zebra is a price comparison tool that allows you to shop for and find the best deal on your car, home, renter, pet, life, and even small business insurance by allowing you to get quotes from multiple different companies at once. As of the time of writing this post, they have helped […]

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Krazy Coupon Lady – The #1 Best Deal Finder!

Who is the Krazy Coupon Lady? Everybody usually wants the best deals on things they need and want to buy, but it’s not necessarily easy to find out how to shop for the best deals with so many different options for stores, vacation/trip sites, and many other things. In this post, I’ll be talking about […]

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