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  • Who I Am – Michael Gomez

    January 21, 2022 by

    Sharing is caring! 0 shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Hello everyone, My name is Michael Gomez this is my new blog about all the different ways there are out there to save and make some extra money. It’s understandably hard out there with student loans and other types of debt and all the pandemic hardships… Read more

  • How to save money on energy bills!

    How To Lower Your Energy Bills!

    June 17, 2022 by

    Sharing is caring! 0 shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email How To Lower Your Energy Bills!  According to CNBC, CPI recently released some data that detailed that in the past year, the energy index soared 34.6%. In May alone, the energy index jumped 3.9%, natural gas rose 8% and the electricity index increased 1.3%. Americans are struggling… Read more

  • What Are Bonds And How Do They Work?

    What Are Bonds And How Do They Work?

    May 26, 2022 by

    What Are Bonds? Bonds are a type of investment that is similar to stock in that they are a “loan” to a company or government that pays one back at a specific interest rate. Like a stock, money invested in bonds can be used to fund the operations of whoever offers the bond. Bonds are… Read more

  • Franklin Apprenticeship - how to get an apprenticeship in the tech sector

    Franklin Apprenticeships – How To Get An Apprenticeship In The Tech Sector!

    May 3, 2022 by

    What is the Franklin Apprenticeship program? Much like Interapt, Multiverse, or other apprenticeship programs mentioned on this site, the Franklin Apprenticeship program is a FREE PROGRAM that helps people get trained in and hired in tech-related jobs like software engineering, cyber-security, etc. They partner with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. How… Read more

  • Onelink - how to monetize international traffic for Amazon affiliates

    Onelink – How To Monetize International Traffic For Amazon Affiliates!

    April 2, 2022 by

    What is Onelink? Onelink is a new part of the Amazon affiliate program that was recently introduced as of the writing of this article. Before the introduction of Onelink, if affiliates wanted to monetize international traffic, they had to sign up for multiple Amazon Associate accounts. One for each part of the world. How to… Read more

  • qlink wireless free cell phone service

    Qlink Wireless – How To Get Unlimited Data, Talk, And Text For 100% Free!

    April 2, 2022 by

    What is Qlink Wireless? QLink Wireless is a leading cell phone service provider through the federal program, Lifeline, and the Affordable Connectivity Program, offering FREE UNLIMITED monthly Data, Talk and Text to eligible customers. In order to qualify for this program and service, you must qualify by being a part of government benefit programs like… Read more

  • amazon technical apprenticeship

    Amazon Technical Apprenticeship – How To Get A Job As A Veteran!

    March 14, 2022 by

    What is the Amazon Technical Apprenticeship? Some people might not know this but similar to the Verizon Skills Forward program offered by Verizon, Amazon offers its own technical apprenticeship program. The Amazon Technical Apprenticeship program is one that caters to veterans and their spouses. It will allow them to transition to careers in cloud computing… Read more

  • walmart affiliate progam

    How To Join And Start Making Money With The Walmart Affiliate Program!

    March 12, 2022 by

    What is the Walmart Affiliate Program? Many people involved with affiliate marketing know about Amazon’s own affiliate program. It’s one of the biggest and most well-known affiliate programs in the entire world. It’s easy to join and get started doing affiliate marketing with them. However, most people might not be aware that Walmart has its… Read more

  • bing places for business

    How To Set Up Your Own Bing Places For Business Account!

    March 10, 2022 by

    What is Bing Places For Business? Bing Places For Business is a type of account that is can be used as a form of local advertisement that is similar in nature to a Google My Business account. These allow people to get a closer look at what your business is all about without necessarily having… Read more

  • How To Get The Saver's Tax Credit For Retirement Contributions! - 1

    How To Get The Saver’s Tax Credit For Retirement Contributions!

    March 7, 2022 by

    What is the Saver’s Tax Credit? The Saver’s Tax Credit is also referred to as the retirement savings contributions credit. This is because it is a tax credit available to regular workers who contribute to retirement accounts. Single filers can receive a $1,000 non-refundable credit and joint filers can get $2,000. Depending on income levels… Read more

  • SingleCare - Save Up To 80% On Over 10,000 Prescriptions! - 2

    SingleCare – Save Up To 80% On Over 10,000 Prescriptions!

    March 5, 2022 by

    What is SingleCare? SingleCare is a service much like GoodRx, Sesame Care, Blink Health, or others that we’ve talked about on this site. SingleCare like the others mentioned is a 100% FREE service people can use in order to save money on a significant number of prescriptions. They are available to be used at over… Read more

  • how to set up a google my business account

    How To Set Up Your Own Google My Business Account!

    March 3, 2022 by

    What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a business account from Google that allows people who search for your business to see more information about it. With a Google Business account, business owners can increase the visibility and trustworthiness of their own business. With Google My Business you show your businesses’ products, services,… Read more

  • Get Blogged - How To Find Blogging Sponsored Post Opportunities! - 3

    Get Blogged – How To Find Blogging Sponsored Post Opportunities!

    March 2, 2022 by

    What is Get Blogged? Get Blogged is an online marketplace that allows bloggers, YouTubers, and every other sort of “influencer” to gather and meet up with brands that might want to work with them! On Get Blogged, businesses can set up their own marketing campaign and find bloggers that cater to several niches to help… Read more

  • sofi becomes official bank

    Sofi Becomes an Official Bank!

    February 26, 2022 by

    What is Sofi? Sofi is an online bank that is very oriented towards the social and financial well-being of its customers. They started off as a lending institution that was mainly focused on student loans to help students get the best rates they could if they were going to get loans for their higher education.… Read more

  • How To Lower Your Property Taxes In Retirement! - 4

    How To Lower Your Property Taxes In Retirement!

    February 22, 2022 by

    How to lower your property taxes! Everyone who owns any type of property, whether that be housing, a car, or some other types of vehicles has to pay property taxes every year. Considering that property taxes tend to go up over time, they are an expense that everyone needs to pay close attention to, lest… Read more

  • What Is A Credit Union And How Does It Work? - 5

    What Is A Credit Union And How Does It Work?

    February 19, 2022 by

    What is a Credit Union? A credit union is very similar in nature to a regular bank with a few key differences. In a credit union, the member of the said unions are also partial owners of the credit union. Credit unions are actually non-profit institutions that are typically meant to cater to certain groups… Read more

  • Travelusave.com best deals on travel

    Travelusave.com – How To Find The Best Deals On Travel!

    February 12, 2022 by

    What is Travelusave.com? Travelusave.com is a travel booking company similar to that Booking.com, Hotel.com, Orbitz.com, Agoda, and etc., that people can use in order to book their flights and hotels whenever they travel. Travelusave.com is one of the cheaper options that allow people to easily book their vacations! Along with hotels and flights, Travelusave.com also… Read more

  • Mainvest - How To Invest In Small Businesses! - 7

    Mainvest – How To Invest In Small Businesses!

    February 2, 2022 by

    What is Mainvest! Mainvest is an investment brokerage company that instead of focusing on the regular stock market or real estate like most brokerages nowadays, instead allows people to invest directly into small businesses and share in their profits. Their returns are supposed to be about 10-25% on average with returns as little as $100.… Read more

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