Investment Strategies

What Is An Interest Rate?

What is an interest rate? Interest rates are the rates at which you earn money with things like savings accounts, checking accounts, dividends, and etc. They are also the rates at which the amount of money that you owe on things like various types of loans and other debts increases. Most interest rates are what […]

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What Are BDCs or Business Development Companies?

What are BDCs or business development companies? BDC stands for a business development company. This is a type of stock that deals with businesses that invest in other businesses that small, medium, or distressed businesses. They are somewhat higher risk, but like REITs, typically offer higher than average dividends. A BDC must invest at least […]

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What Are MLPs or Master Limited Partnerships?

What are MLPs or Master Limited Partnerships? MLP stands for a master limited partnership. An MLP basically is a type of stock that exists as a publicly traded limited partnership. Everyone who invests in shares, or rather “units”, of an MLP is technically considered a “limited partner”. Master Limited Partnerships have two different types of […]

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What Are REITs?

What are REITs? REITs or real estate investment trusts are a type of stock offered on the stock market. As the name implies, it is a type of stock that deals primarily with all different types of real estate. There are REITs that invest in primarily commercial real estate buildings like those used by stores […]

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What Are ETFs?

What are ETFs? ETFs or exchange-traded funds are funds managed by investment companies and banks like Vanguard, Charles Schwab, Chase Bank, Bank of America, Sofi, and etc. These funds are comprised of the shares of many companies and are collected in one large investment pool. Some of the more famous and well-known ones are the […]

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What Are Stocks?

What are stocks? Stocks are a form of investment where you an investor has partial ownership in a company that they buy stocks of. Stocks can be offered by a wide number of companies both big and small. They are offered by big companies like Walmart, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and etc. They are also […]

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What Are Dividends and How Are They Taxed?

What are dividends? Dividends are a type of investment strategy where people will buy stock, ETFs, bonds, etc. and the seller of the shares of these investments will decide on and pay out a certain percentage of interest compared to the price the shares were bought for. These dividend payouts can be paid to the […]

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