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Groupon – How to Both Save and Make Money!

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What is Groupon?

Groupon is a cash savings app and website that can allow you to save up to 70% on average and in some rare cases up to 90%, on many different products and services. Such products and services include things like restaurants, massages, golf, vacations, wine cookies, cell phones, and so many more.

The categories that you can shop for and save money on include: automotive, beauty and spa, online learning, personal services, food and drink, health and fitness, personalized items, retail, home services, things to do, meal prep, and wine delivery, pet supplies electronics, and etc. Their service is available to be used in many nations around the world which include: USA, United Kingdom, France, Deutschland, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UAE, Belgium, Canada, and Australia.

Local Deals

One neat little thing that they do is instead of focusing mostly or entirely on deals with large chain stores or restaurants they offer the opportunity to save money on many local places that are your typical mom & pop type small stores! They offer these deals for a very wide range of goods and services like restaurants, golf, bowling, theme park, and many other goods and services that are sold in a store near you!


How to use their vouchers to save money!

Once you’ve found a product or service that you are interested in and have bothered to purchase it through them, you still need to actually redeem it in order to receive your purchase if it wasn’t an online product or something that is shipped to you. When you go to the merchant for whatever item you purchased you need to show them your voucher, whether you printed it or use the mobile app to show it. If you didn’t print it, use the mobile app and go to the “My Stuff” section. Then, press “My Groupons” to show all of your available vouchers. Press the offer you want to redeem and then on “View Voucher”.

Show the voucher to the merchant and they will redeem and provide you with whatever product or service you purchased. They sometimes provide extra savings on certain items you can apply an extra coupon of theirs. You can also further increase your savings by making the purchase by doing it from another app like Ibotta or Samsung Pay that regularly gives cashback deals on certain categories of goods sold on there.

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How to Save Even More Money with Groupon Plus!

Groupon+ lets you earn cashback when you use your linked credit card at participating local businesses. There’s nothing to print out or bring in and deals can be claimed on our website or wherever you are via our mobile app.

Find and Claim Deals

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Picture from showing a Groupon+ deal

Groupon+ deals are labeled with a blue “Groupon+” and list the rate of cashback you’ll receive.

  • Unfortunately, Groupon+ currently exists only in select cities.
  • To claim a Groupon+ deal, just click Claim on the deal page.
  • When you claim a Groupon+ deal, They will link that deal with any eligible enrolled Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards you select from your account. 
  • If a merchant is offering more than one deal, only the last deal you claim will be linked to your credit card.
  • After you redeem a coupon at certain merchants, you’ll automatically unlock cashback rewards on return visits. Just use an enrolled credit card on your account. 
  • Start earning cashback 6 hours after you redeem your coupon. 
  • Earn cashback on any of the merchant’s products and services.

Earn Cash Back

Cash Back Location

When you pay with your linked Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card at the participating business, you’ll automatically receive cashback on your credit card statement” no voucher required.

  • The charge must be processed as a credit card to qualify for cashback.
  • You can use a deal as many times as you want until it expires. 
  • You can review your claimed deals, enrolled cards, and cash-back balance in your account under My Groupon+ Deals
  • You’ll see the total amount of cashback you earned automatically on mobile and can find it on the web by selecting Transaction Summary.
  • You’ll see the expiration dates of your cashback offers.
  • You can also see a breakdown of each transaction you made at a participating business and how much cashback you earned by selecting View Transactions.

Make Money by Selling Products with Groupon Merchant!

Video from Groupon Merchant YouTube channel.

Have you ever wanted to sell a product or service online, but you got discouraged because you didn’t think you could handle setting up a website or getting word of what you’re selling out? If you have something that you want to sell, you can do so with their, “Groupon Merchant” program. Find the Link that says Groupon Merchant at the bottom of any of their website’s browser pages or the “Sell on Groupon” option in the “My Stuff” section of their app.

There are zero upfront costs when setting up your Groupon Merchant store. Instead, they will take a certain percentage of your sales for their fee much like Paypal does when they process a transaction. Groupon is also an online marketplace with 34 million active global customers.

After clicking on the Groupon Merchant link, you will be taken to sign up page where you will the business name, the business address, the type of business, your first and last name, your email (make sure you have an email account specifically for business and separate from your personal one. The Groupon Merchant Youtube channel has many videos like the one above that will show you things, like how to use Groupon’s own campaign builder for advertising, how to reach new clientele, how to double your customer base, and many more.

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Here is a video from Alison Harrison’s YouTube channel showing their own success selling things on Groupon

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