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How To Save Money On Diesel Fuel With My Diesel Savings Program!


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What is My Diesel Savings Program?

My Diesel Savings Program is a diesel fuel savings program similar to the TSD Fuel Savings Program that allows fleet vehicles as well as regular individuals to save money on diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is typically the most expensive type of fuel that you can buy in a gas station because diesel fuel is assessed a higher federal excise tax than gasoline and it is also sometimes assessed a higher tax at the state level.

Over the years trucking companies have worked hard to match their home diesel price with their OTR or Over the Road diesel price. Big trucking companies have significant purchasing power due to their high use of diesel fuel. In order to accommodate the purchasing demands of these large trucking companies, truck stops were forced to artificially inflate the price of diesel fuel and to issue fuel discount cards to the trucking companies.

According to the US Interstate Commerce Laws, discounts for volume must be consistent with all customer grouping. And because of that, My Diesel Savings Program started because a group of RVers, who combined buy ten million gallons of fuel should get the same discount as a trucking company that has the same volume. This process is known as aggregating and allows large groups of RVers to combine their volume to obtain discounts that they could not obtain on their own.

Depending on state taxes, their current cardmembers can save, on average, $0.31 cents per gallon at their cost plus truck stops and $0.22 at their fixed cost truck stops. With each filling, there is a two-dollar transaction fee added to the purchase. This seems slightly lower than than the average savings users of TSD’s Fuel Savings Program, but they also offer savings on diesel fuel at noticeably more locations.


How to use My Diesel Savings Program!

My Diesel Savings Program allows you to save on diesel by providing all RV members with credit for one day’s fuel purchases. The next day they draft your bank account or charge your credit card (they charge an additional fee of 3% for using a credit card), to collect payment for your fuel purchase. Unlike the TSD Savings Program, there is a fee to sign up for the program which is $10.

Similar to the TSD Fuel Savings Program, in order to use their card, you will have to go to the same lanes the truckers use. These are the only lanes that accept their card, so do not go to the consumer fuel pump (gas pump) side of the truck stops. In addition to acceptance at nearly 2,000+ in-network truck stops their card is also accepted at over 8,000 out-of-network US truck stops and 6,000 Canadian truck stops.

You can easily find their in-network truck stops by using their fuel finder location map for RVers here. It is important to note that there is a two-dollar transaction fee attached to each fueling to cover payment processing, bank fees, and other administrative costs. When you swipe your card, check all products you intend to buy such as Fuel and DEF.

my diesel savings

Map of locations for RV program

They do have a free app called the “MDS RV Station Map”. This app will display all stations with discounts. Selecting a station will show you an address and even the exit number on your route to get to the station. They also have a map on their website that shows you how many cents per gallon that you will be charged on diesel fuel in every state.

my diesel savings 2

Image from showing diesel taxes in each state

My Diesel Fuel Savings program for commercial vehicles!

My Diesel Fuel Savings program is also obviously offered to companies that have their own fleet of vehicles for business use. This part of their savings program is separate from the part of their savings program that is available for use for regular individuals who are RVers. The “My Diesel Fuel Savings program” claims that by using their fuel card program businesses have the opportunity to reduce your fuel cost by 20%-25%.

In order to be approved for their commercial program, they have to do a credit check on your business and the application fee is $125, and it is done by their own credit team which should process applications in about seven days on average. In the event that you are not approved for a credit line, they do offer options such as pre-pay and accounts receivable factoring that they can use to allow you to receive their discounted fuel prices.

The credit requirements that you have to meet in order to be able to use their commercial savings program are:

  • You need to already have been in business for at least 2 years with a credit score of 630 or better and they will offer up to $1,500 per truck and $2,500 for teams per truck per week in credit facility with a weekly net 2 pay.
  • If you have been in business less than 2 years with a credit score of 680 or better they will offer up to $1,500 per truck and $2,500 for teams per truck per week in a credit facility with auto-draft every Monday and Thursday, and after you have been in business for more than 2 years they can re-evaluate you.

The commercial side of the My Diesel Savings program also has a free app that is separate from the one for individuals and specific to commercial businesses called, “MDS Commercial Station Map”. They also have a map on their website that can be used to find all of the locations their discounts are offered.

my diesel savings 3

Commercial map for My Diesel Fuel Savings program


So some key similarities and differences I noticed between My Diesel Fuel Savings Program and the TSD Savings Program are:

  • TSD’s program is free to sign up for while you have to pay $10 to sign up for the My Diesel’s Program
  • TSD’s program on average seems to save users more money with the savings sometimes being 40-50 cents/gallon as compared to My Diesel’s program where users save only about 20-30 cents per gallon.
  • TSD’s program does not make their program exclusive to either pickup truck drivers or RVers while My Diesel’s program specifically only mentions that their program is for RVers when it comes to regular(non-fleet) users.
  • Both programs can actually be used in Canada
  • TSD’s program will only allow their savings card to be linked to a debit card or bank account while My Diesel’s program actually allows you to link their card to a credit card as another option if you want.
  • Both programs specifically require you to use the lane that truckers use when buying diesel fuel in order to get savings.
  • Both programs offer free apps to help find stations that offer their program’s discounts and keep track of all the money you’ve saved
  • TSD’s program is offered by the actual trucking company called TSD Logistics that has its own fleet of trucks that they employ, while My Diesel’s program seems to only be a diesel fuel savings program.

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