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Mudflap App – Save Up To 50 Cents Per Gallon on Diesel Fuel!


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What is the Mudflap App?

Mudflap is a relatively new cashback app, similar to the GetUpside app that gets you cash back on gas, that allows anyone to save a bunch of money when purchasing diesel fuel. I have written about a couple of other programs like the “My Diesel Fuel Savings Program“, “TSD Fuel Savings Program“, Checkout51, and GetUpside that offer savings and cashback for purchasing gas or diesel fuel. Mudflap takes the best aspect of these programs and puts them in one app that offers massive savings when purchasing diesel fuel!

Some of the great things about the Mudflap app is that unlike the “My Diesel Fuel Savings Program” there are no fees involved, and unlike either the “My Diesel Fuel Savings Program” or “TSD Fuel Savings Program” you do not need to have a physical card that you need to wait to be sent to you and can get lost. That way you can start saving on diesel fuel right away with the easy-to-use Mudflap app.

How does Mudflap work?


Big fleets get major fuel discounts because they have large gallon volumes. Mudflap actually gets its discount the same way that programs like the “TSD Fuel Savings Program” and “My Diesel Savings” program work. Similar to big trucking companies, programs like Mudflap, TSD, and My Diesel saving get better discounts the more people join, and everyone who joins forces helps to get access to the big discounts of up to 50¢/gal discount. In this case, together is better.

When using Mudflap you can use a GPS feature, similar to the GetUpside app, in order to find all of the nearby stations that offer discounts on their diesel fuel. In order to save money using Mudflap, you actually have to go to the diesel pumps, then use the Mudflap app to get a “fuel code”, once you get the fuel code you go inside the station and show the cashier the code, you will pay for the diesel fuel on the Mudflap app at the discounted rates and do not need to pay the actual fueling station. After paying for the diesel fuel you will be emailed a receipt from the app.

How to set up your Mudflap account!

The best thing about the Mudflap app is that anyone can use it! Similar to the TSD Fuel Savings Card, the Mudflap app is available for use by independent owner-operators, owner-operators with leased trucks, company drivers, fleet managers, regular people with RVs, and regular people with pickup trucks.


When setting up your account you will also be asked about which areas of the country that you normally drive. You can select any combination of the “mountain west”, the “southwest”, the “midwest”, the “southeast”, the “northeast”, and the “pacific”.


Then you will be taken to a page where the app shows you all of the different stations that offer discounts on diesel fuel in the areas of the country that you selected. Although it is really rare there are some offers that discount the price of the diesel fuel 80+ cents per gallon.



After that, you need to enter in some of your personal information like your name, email, phone number, and etc. in order to set up your account.


After you finish setting up your account you will be taken to a GPS map that shows the entire country and all of the stations that you can use Mudflap at to get discounted prices on diesel fuel. You can zoom in and out of this map and drag the location around on the screen to see all the different areas and discounted diesel prices around the country.


How to pay with Mudflap!

There are actually a few different ways that you can use to pay for fuel on the Mudflap app. You can link and use a credit card, debit card, or bank account. If you link a bank account directly to the Mudflap app it actually gives you the option to save an extra 2 cents per gallon. Simply, go to the “Dashboard” section of the app, then go down to the section that says “Save an EXTRA 2 cents on top of the Mudflap discount” and click the “Get Extra Discount” button. After that, you simply use the service called Plaid to link your bank and Mudflap account.



If you choose to go with using a credit or debit card, simply go to the “More” section of the app. There you can choose the option to add a payment method. If you go with using a credit or debit card, choose the “ADD CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD” option. Then you just need to enter in the information of whatever card it is that you want to use.

After you’ve added a payment method you’re ready to save on diesel fuel purchases. Just go in the app, select the station you want to purchase the fuel at, use the fuel code for that specific station in place of a regular payment inside the fueling station, and pay the discounted price inside the app when you’re done fueling up!


Use the promotion code mi048d in order to earn a $10 dollar bonus on your first use!

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