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How To Make Money From Quora Spaces!

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What is Quora?

Quora is a site that is a bit of a mix between a social media and Q&A site. The fact that you can post and answer questions that people post on this site and at the same time you can also garner a following and really interact with others through the comments section of each answer makes it quite a distinct site from other Q&A sites that seems to draw people to the site. You can do things like creating your own “space” that caters to specific topic questions and answers that people can find and join if they want to. There is a plethora of information that can be personal or informative that people enjoy reading on Quora.

How to make money from Quora spaces!

For the longest time, Quora has had a “partner” program that allowed regular users to make money from the site by paying users to ask questions and get paid based on how many questions were asked and more particularly how much traffic said questions drove to Quora. Recently, Quora seems to have finally decided to reward the people who actually answer the questions and/or post their own content!

In order to make money on Quora using this method, you have to go to your account and click on the “monetization” option. Then, you will choose from a large list of countries to set up the monetization. After that, what you need to do is create your own “space”. By following the steps in this post you can find out how to make money from Quora spaces! It’s actually quite similar to blogging!



Anyone can start a space and enable monetization programs for their space. Some users may also have the option to monetize the content they have authored outside of a space. Most answers and posts are eligible for monetization except for content that is marked as adult content, is promoted (meaning it’s an ad), or whose subject matter is not permitted under Quora earnings policy.


The way it works is content that is monetized may accrue earnings for the original author or the owner of the space that the content belongs to, and may only be accessible to readers who have access as a Quora+ subscriber or a space subscriber. Non-subscribers may see a paywall when they encounter monetized content. I say that non-subscribers MAY see a paywall because they won’t always. This is because Quora+ revenue sharing for individuals relies on “adaptive” paywalling to restrict access to monetized content.

Adaptive paywalling enables writers to earn on exclusive monetized content with continuing to grow their audience among potential future subscribers. While a conventional paywall always blocks access to monetized content, an adaptive paywall uses an algorithm to determine whether to grant or block access to monetized content on a per-case basis. Quora does this because it may encourage wider viewership and distribution of your content that wouldn’t be possible with a conventional paywall.

How to qualify for Quora monetization!

In order to monetize your space, it does need to meet some specific requirements before Quora will actually allow you to earn money with them.

To qualify for monetization, Spaces must meet the following requirements:

  • The space owner must verify residence in an eligible country. At this time, earnings programs are only available in the English language version of Quora to users who reside in one of the listed countries.
  • The space must comply with Quora’s policies. More information is available on What policies do Spaces need to follow to enable earnings?.
  • The space needs to earn a minimum of $10 USD before the owner becomes eligible to receive payouts, following a standard review of the space by Quora moderation. The review process can take up to 3 business days.
  • The owner needs to accept the terms and conditions and connect a bank account through Stripe.

If your space did not meet the space’s earnings policies, it can be resubmitted for review after changes are made. Space owners can contact Quora here with a link to their Space for re-consideration.

What are the different ways that your Quora content can be monetized?


Similar to the way content creators on YouTube earn money through ads or a share of YouTube premium subscriptions, the content that your post on Quora can be monetized through an ad revenue-sharing model, through the Quora+ subscription revenue-sharing model, or subscriptions to specific “spaces” on Quora. If you choose to earn money through ad revenue sharing, your space will earn money for all the ads that people view and/or click as while they are on your space! If you choose to monetize your space through the subscription revenue-sharing model, your space will earn money when Quora+ subscribers read or interact with your space’s exclusive content.


There are pros and cons to each specific method of monetization.

Monetizing your space with the ad-revenue sharing model keeps your content free for all users to see. This method is suitable for all spaces. If you already have a space set up then users already see ads on your space. Activating the monetization feature would not change where or how many ads regular users already see. This is similar to the ads I use to monetize this blog using the service called Ezoic.

Monetizing your site with the Quora+ subscription model will allow you to monetize your space’s content by making some or all of it exclusive to Quora+ subscribers. It’s rather comparable to the service that I use to monetize some of the content on this blog, although that just requires taking a short survey and not paying a subscription.

While using this method you can reserve your content for Quora+ subscribers only, allow anyone to access it, or enable the adaptive paywall to let Quora’s algorithms adopt different variations to optimize per reader.  Another additional way that your space earns money is that it earns a referral bonus each time non-subscribers sign up for Quora+ from a post that belongs to your space.

Monetizing your site with the space subscription model allows you to monetize your content by offering your space’s followers a paid monthly or yearly subscription. As a space offering subscriptions, you can choose which posts to reserve for subscribers. You can set your own fees and will be responsible for producing content your paying subscribers find valuable. Subscriptions require you to create content on a regular basis that people will actually want to subscribe to.

Since you are using a subscription revenue model you can set your own fee and will be paid out monthly. Some of the subscription fee that you charge will go to the payment processor, Stripe, and some of it will go to Quora. 2.90% of the fee plus $0.03 per transaction will go to Stripe and 5.00% of the fee will go to Quora. So if you charge something Like 100$ per year per subscriber then $2.93 would go to Stripe and $5.00 would go to Quora, which would leave you with $92.07 per subscriber as an example.


How do you get paid for your monetized Quora content?

Payouts follow a monthly cycle. If your accumulated earnings balance is $10 or more at the end of a cycle, the full balance will be paid out to your Stripe account. If it is less than $10, the balance will roll over and continue accumulating until the next monthly payout cycle that it reaches $10.

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