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How To Place Ezoic Ad Placeholders On Your Site!


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What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a company platform, like Google Adsense, that allows publishers to use their service to monetize their blog or website. They are technically not an ad network, a third party that outsources ads, a header bidder company, an ad exchange, an ad management service (although as a non-techy person they kind of seem like one to me), or just an ad monetization company.

They are actually more of a tech company that provides a wide range of services other than just helping you monetize your sites with ads. They help boost your site speed with their own CDN Technology. They offer free website hosting as part of their service. They use artificial intelligence in order to place ads in the best spot for specific users in order to maximize your site’s revenue. They do all that and more for your website!

I was lucky enough to join right after they had gotten rid of any and all minimum page requirements to join them and monetize your website!

How to place an Ezoic ad placeholder on your site!

Alright, so you’ve made it through Ezoic’s approval process, passed the necessary courses in order to gain access to all of their features, and done everything else to get your site ready for monetization like setting up your ads.txt account, linking your Google Adsense account, and more. The very last thing that you need to do in order to monetize your website, is using Ezoic’s chrome extension to place ezoic ad placeholders on your site!

Here are all of the steps that you need to take in order to get their ads on your site:


Step 1: Install Ezoic’s chrome extension

Go to the chrome extension website and search for the Ezoic extension


Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install it (It says Remove from Chrome for me because it’s already installed)


Step 2: Get ready to use the chrome extension to put ezoic ad placeholders on your site!

Note: In order to use the chrome extension you need to do a few things first. You need to log out of your WordPress account and clear your cache and cookies in the browser. If you still come across some issues with using Ezoic’s chrome extension try the steps mentioned on their troubleshooting page here.

Go to your WordPress account page by clicking the account button in the top right corner of your admin page


Click on the logout button under your account name


Next, you clear your browser’s cache and cookies by clicking the three-dotted button at the end of the chrome browser’s search bar. Then open the “More Tools” menu and select “Clear browsing data”


Make sure to check the “Cookies” and “Cached images” checkboxes. Then click the “Clear data” button


Step 3: Use the chrome extension to put the placeholders on your site!

Note: I never got mine working normally on the regular chrome browser pages and kept getting the message pictured below no matter how many times I tried the chrome extension troubleshooting steps, but I did get it working in Google chrome incognito mode. So, I will be taking you through the steps to do it that way. For those of you who don’t experience such an issue the steps will be the same except for the first few where I show you how to enable the chrome extension in incognito mode and open an incognito page in the chrome browser.

The error message that I kept receiving when trying to use the Ezoic extension on the regular chrome browser pages

Go to your “Manage extensions” page by clicking on the button that looks like a puzzle piece. It’s near where the three-dotted menu button mentioned during the previous step is.


Click on the “Details” button for your Ezoic Chrome extension


Scroll down the Ezoic extension’s settings until you see “Allow in incognito” and enable it


Next, click on the three-dotted button at the end of the search bar and click on “New incognito window”. Then a new incognito page should automatically open.


Search for your website in the top search bar


Click on the Ezoic extension. Unless you have other extensions enabled it should be the only one there, near where the three-dotted and puzzle piece buttons mentioned previously are. Then click on the “Create” section inside the extension.


At this point, you should see different areas of your website be covered with blue shaded areas for any and all of the spots that will allow you to place ezoic ad placeholders on your website. Click on one of the shaded areas and then click on the “Insert here” button to put an ezoic ad placeholder there.

You can use the buttons on top of the ad placeholder to move it up or down the webpage if you want to and the red x button to remove it completely.


Use the ezoic ad placeholder pop-up to customize the placeholder’s size, position on the webpage, and etc. Once you are done customizing everything, click on the “Save placeholder” button on the bottom


The webpage should show up with a colored ezoic ad placeholder in the section of the webpage that you just put it.


After you are finished putting ad placeholders on your website click on the “Turn off Edit Mode” button



There you go. You should now have ezoic ad placeholders on your website so that ads can start showing up on your site!

Note: This is information already mentioned in the courses you have to pass to gain the monetization features, but I will mention again that the ezoic ad placeholders are only potential spots that ads might be seen on your website. Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to find the best spots to place ads for each individual visitor in order to maximize your revenue and therefore might see ads in entirely different places and not all of the ones you put placeholders for.

If you want to get started monetizing your blog with ads, even if you have little to no views yet, feel free to use the button here to join Ezoic!

Click here to start making money with Ezoic!


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