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Get Blogged – How To Find Blogging Sponsored Post Opportunities!


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What is Get Blogged?

Get Blogged is an online marketplace that allows bloggers, YouTubers, and every other sort of “influencer” to gather and meet up with brands that might want to work with them! On Get Blogged, businesses can set up their own marketing campaign and find bloggers that cater to several niches to help with outreach. Bloggers can join Get Blogged and find a plethora of sponsored post opportunities very easily!

What niches do Get Blogged have opportunities in?

Get Blogged works with over 18,000 publishers in several niches which include:

  • Beauty bloggers
  • Design bloggers
  • Fashion bloggers
  • Fitness bloggers
  • Food bloggers
  • Lifestyle bloggers
  • Mummy bloggers
  • Sports bloggers
  • Travel bloggers
  • Wedding bloggers

In order to join just sign up for a free account with them. If you’re a blogger looking for sponsored post opportunities, sign up as a blogger, and if you’re a company/brand looking to do some marketing outreach with sponsored posts, sign up as a brand.

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How to get started with Get Blogged!

As soon as you’ve signed up for an account, bloggers can edit their profile to show themselves and their sites off! They can enter in their bio, skills, social media accounts, all of their websites, and more to help show themselves off to brands who might be interested in working with them.

One good tip bloggers can do to increase their blog’s appeal to brands is to show off their site statistics for traffic and follows. You can do this in your account since Get Blogged allows people to connect site analytic accounts from Google Analytics or Moz. The more traffic, follows, and authority you have the more appealing bloggers look to brands.

After setting up one’s profile, bloggers can apply for work and search through the “Marketplace” tab of Get Blogged to find sponsored post opportunities posted by all sorts of different brands. Get Blogged appears to be a UK-based website so the pay for jobs done on there is in British pounds.

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Unfortunately, one difficulty in working on Get Blogged is that for most jobs, they require that you’re site be at a certain “Domain Authority” level before you’re even allowed to apply.

Domain authority, as the name implies, refers to one’s authority as a subject matter expert in a particular niche. Typically, domain authority comes a good bit from backlinks to other sites from yours. The more good backlinks that you have, the higher your domain authority. That said you can’t just spam links to your website all over the internet to increase your domain authority anymore. Google and other search engines will look for this specific type of behavior and regard it as spammy and will actually decrease your overall search rank and domain authority.

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That’s why the best way to get backlinks is simply through creating a bunch of good content! If you don’t know you’re site’s average level of domain authority, you can check it using this free analyzer from MOZ. Unfortunately, you can only use this tool a couple of times before you need to sign up for their free trial to use it anymore.

How to apply for a sponsored post opportunity!

When you and your site are ready to apply for jobs on Get Blogged, just search for the opportunities that fit your niche. Then click on the “Submit Proposal” button on the listing. A form will pop up where you can show why you would be a good fit for the job to the brand. You can then select up to 3 websites that you own, and enter you’re own bid pricing you want for doing the job.

Note: Get Blogged charges a 12.5% service fee on top of Paypal fees!

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Is Get Blogged safe for businesses?

Some businesses that might want to do their marketing might wonder if Get Blogged is safe for their business to use.

Worry not, Get Blogged carefully vet their network to ensure that bloggers on their site are reliable, trustworthy, and deliver the highest quality of content.

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Their self-service blogger outreach platform means that you are able to retain full control over who you do and don’t hire. Of course though, sometimes things can go a little wrong so they have processes in place to make sure you’re protected at every stage.

When you hire a blogger, you can rest assured your payment will be held by their secure systems in escrow, and only released to their creators once the work has been delivered to you as agreed and when you mark the job as completed.

Note: This page contains affiliate links that will, at no cost to you, earn me a commission. You are in no way obligated to click on the links!

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