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Multiverse – The One Stop Shop For Apprenticeships!

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What is Multiverse?

Multiverse is a relatively new online platform where people can go to sign up for apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are programs that allow people to work for a certain company and get paid to learn on the job. Until recently, most apprenticeships type jobs were only offered by jobs that have to do with the trades like an electrician, plumbers, carpenters, etc.


However, now Multiverse has now brought the convenience of apprenticeships to the realm of white-collar jobs like data analysts, software engineers, project managers, and etc. The programs that Multiverse offers are FREE to the individual and REQUIRE NO COLLEGE DEGREE! Over a 15 month period, you will work in a full-time job (9-5) at a company on a competitive salary. Multiverse coaches will also help you stay on track to gain an apprenticeship qualification in your chosen field.

With a Multiverse apprenticeship, you’ll put what you learn into action every day. Then refine and build on it, through practice and discussion with other learners. Their programs open up a huge range of opportunities with top employers. Join the companies who are building the future—from world-leading financial institutions, to tech firms solving the biggest challenges. According to Multiverse, 95% of apprentices who completed their programs landed a job in their field within 90 days, and 90% of the people who do Multiverse apprenticeships complete them.

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They will get behind you from the very start, with free application and interview advice. Once you’re on the program, you’ll get 1-to-1 support from our coaches—industry experts who will help you to grow and shape the career you want. You’ll also become part of the fun and supportive Multiverse community and make the connections that will help you progress more quickly.

The companies that hire from Multiverse’s apprenticeships include:

What types of apprenticeships does Multiverse offer?

The types of apprenticeships that you can sign up for include:

  • Data Fellowships – Master data wrangling and analysis techniques, as well as data science, including Python and an introduction to machine learning.
  • Digital Marketing – Cover everything from growth hacking, SEO, front-end web development and the core principles of digital marketing.
  • Software Engineering – Learn from experts whilst writing code to develop new features, fix bugs, review existing code and help make technical decisions.
  • People Leadership – The future of work is exciting. But it calls for a new way of leading. With applied learning delivered in partnership with Mind Gym, apprentices will become leaders capable of unlocking the potential in themselves and their teams.
  • Data Literacy – The last year has seen unimaginable growth in the role of data and tech in our lives – and it’s more important than ever to keep up. More and more businesses are looking for ways to increase their data capabilities to stay on top of the competition, increase efficiencies, and support their growth.
  • Digit Business Accelerator – The Digital Business Accelerator (DBA) is a high-quality program designed to develop data-driven business professionals. This training will propel career starters on the route to the boardroom.
  • Project Management – Projects are growing in complexity, while teams are becoming increasingly diverse. On this program, apprentices develop the tools and mindset needed to navigate these changes – and deliver amazing results for their organizations.

How to sign up for Multiverse!


In order to be eligible to sign up for one of their apprenticeships you have to meet these requirements:

  • Between 18 and 26 years of age
  • Hold a high school diploma, GED, or Associate degree
  • Have not completed a Bachelor’s degree
  • Authorized to work in the US

If you are eligible, you first need to sign up and open an account on their website. Then you will fill out a profile of your skills, attributes, and experience so companies can see your potential. After that, be ready for a phone call where they may chat about future opportunities and the right path for you. Lastly, they will help you find the right apprenticeship for you and give you interview advice.


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