Income Report 1 – July 2021

I am writing this post to keep track of my progress on how much I’m earning on this blog and maybe inspire others to do the same! I am also posting this a little late since I moved my website hosting and lost the post I already made on July 31st.

Ad income – $2.78

I monetize my blog with ads using the ad company called Ezoic. I was lucky enough to join when they got rid of any and all minimum page view requirements! It was actually easier for me to join and monetize with Ezoic than with Google Adsense. They even provide other good tools to help your site like free website hosting!

If you’re interested in monetizing your site/blog click the link here to join Ezoic!

Affiliate Income – $0.08

Currently, while I have joined a few affiliate programs, the only one I have earned any money with is Ezoic’s own referral program. Hopefully, I earn more money this way going into the future!

Income Report 1 – July 2021
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