Author: Michael Gomez

Mudflap App – Save Up To 50 Cents Per Gallon on Diesel Fuel!

What is the Mudflap App? Mudflap is a relatively new cashback app, similar to the GetUpside app that gets you cash back on gas, that allows anyone to save a bunch of money when purchasing diesel fuel. I have written about a couple of other programs like the “My Diesel Fuel Savings Program“, “TSD Fuel […]

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How To Invest with Robinhood – The Brokerage That Started Free Trade Commissions!

What is Robinhood? Robinhood is an investment brokerage that’s named after the famed fairy tale character of Robinhood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Robinhood named itself in such a manner because they were one of, if not the first investment brokerage that allowed people to invest commission-free. Before Robinhood, most […]

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What Are The Different Ways That Affiliate Programs Pay You?

What are Affiliate Programs? Affiliate programs are programs that are set up by a business selling a product or service with the use of an affiliate network in order to help advertise the items they sell through third-party advertisers like blogs like this one in order to reach an ever wider audience that they can […]

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How To Earn 10% Cashback With The M1 Finance Rewards Card!

What is M1 Finance? M1 Finance is an investment brokerage that offers investment and banking services. The unique thing about M1 Finance is that they were one of the first brokerages to offer both commission-free and fractional shares on any stock listed in the US stock market. They did have predecessors like the investment brokerages Stash […]

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What Is A SEP IRA And How Does It Work?

What is a SEP-IRA? Most people know about both traditional and Roth IRAs or individual retirement accounts. Both types of accounts are a type of retirement account that you can open through an investment brokerage and manage all on your own. The traditional IRA is a retirement account that is similar to the traditional 401k […]

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How To Get Free Website Hosting With Ezoic!

What is Ezoic? Ezoic is an ad platform, like Google Adsense, that allows publishers to use their service to monetize their blog or website. They are technically not an ad network, a third party that outsources ads, a header bidder company, an ad exchange, an ad management service (although as a non-techy person they kind of […]

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Rover – How To Make Money Walking/Babysitting Pets!

What is Rover? Rover is a “side-gig” type of service that allows people to make money by walking or babysitting dogs. They act as a middle man that connects pet owners with pet caretakers in order to make finding someone to care for your pets easy and to help people make money doing so! Rover […]

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What Are Some Tax Deductions You Can Take If Self-Employed?

What does it mean to be self-employed and what does that mean for your tax deductions? Being self-employed means starting your own business, whether it is a sole-proprietorship (like this blog), or a big company with many employees. To start your own business, you have to apply for a business EIN from the IRS. You […]

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Non-Deductible IRAs How To Avoid Being Double-Taxed On Your IRA Contributions!

What are non-deductible IRAs? Traditional IRAs are individual retirement accounts offered by investment brokerages in the US. The money you invest in traditional IRAs is typically money that you contribute with after-tax money, and then if you have the option to deduct these contributions from your total taxes for the year if your itemized deductions […]

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